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Mary Kate and Ashley in Italy

When I was ten years old, my family and I took a trip to Italy.  Soon after arriving in Rome, we were strolling through the streets and came upon an outdoor cafe.  A man approached us asking if we knew Mary Kate and Ashley.  He told us that they were filming their movie When In Rome and invited us to watch.  After they were finished shooting the scene, we had the opportunity to meet the two stars.  It is a story that we still joke about.


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Homemade food and memories

One of my favorite hobbies is cooking/baking.  To me, there is no greater satisfaction than successfully preparing a delicious meal or pastry from fresh and healthy ingredients.  I attribute this appreciation for fresh, healthy food to my upbringing in a Mediterranean culture.  This post is dedicated to showcasing some of my photos of homemade food, such as ravioli, crepes, quiche, and Christmas cookies.




Home for the summer

Summer is my favorite time of the year because I get to return to the beautiful state of New Jersey.  I’m sure many people will make an inquisitive face when they read that phrase, since NJ doesn’t have the best reputation amongst out-of-staters.  So, the purpose of this post will be to show some of my summertime NJ pictures, and to hopefully change the negative preconceived notions many people have about my beloved home state.  ImageImageImage

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